HOWTO: Posting Articles to LinkOrbit

Tue, Dec 27th 2011, 2:31 am

You need content to post in order to utilize LinkOrbit. Posting articles is how you build links and are able to have full control over your link’s anchor text.

One of our favorite users was kind enough to walk through the process step-by-step and explain the differences in “Post by Category” and “Post by Blog.”

Ignore the fact that the navigational menu is glitchy, we were updating it at that time!



Finding expiring domains can be tricky. Understanding the domain expiration process can be even more tricky. Grace periods, well, they suck. that’s the time when a domain will either go to auction or as we say in Minnesota, “put out to pasture.”

Looking at the link profile is a good way to determine one aspect when considering the value of the domain. Several points of consideration come to mind:

* Domain Authority (OSE/Majestic)

* External back links (Majestic)

* Time frame of inbound link. (Majestic)

* This tool will search beautifully through NameJet. From there, we add Moz Metrics and data from Majestic. Open Site Explorer is very time consuming to use, our too will make it fun to sort your results. The keyword search is fast.. very fast. In fact, it is hard to just run one query. Have fun! 



The domain expiration keyword tool will do more in a fraction of a second, what other make you pay for. Sort through results by typing your niche, keyword, region, or product name into the keyword tool. Immediately all of the relevant results will display under your keyword tool search. All of the keyword tool’s results will come with MozMetrics and toolbar PageRank. The keyword search is very powerful and we use it daily here at LinkOrbit. Feel free to use our tool, just don’t drive up our prices at auction (only kidding!), after all, we are all in this together!

We would love to hear of any suggested features to make this tool even better!


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